Irovit drops

Provide a strong start for your baby’s developing immune system…

Iron supplements are necessary after a baby reaches the magic age of one year

Iron is an important dietary mineral that is involved in various bodily functions, including the transport of oxygen in the blood. If your child's diet lacks iron, they will not have enough healthy red blood cells to provide oxygen to body tissues.

Babies and toddlers are at higher risk of iron deficiency, mainly due to increased iron needs during rapid growth periods.

Children with Iron deficiency are at high risk of long-term impairment in mental and motor development. They also suffer from lower scores in IQ test, lack of concentration, short attention span, and easy distractibility.


Irovit drops

Iron Drops for Infants & Toddlers

Irovit drop is formulated keeping in mind the requirement of a growing child's iron needs. It provides Ferrous Sulphate, well-tolerated iron salt, appropriate for infants & toddlers. It contributes to normal formation of red blood cells, haemoglobin and normal oxygen transport in the body.

Irovit drops is available in delicious Strawberry flavor that ensures better palatability and invites acceptance from infants and children.

It is available with calibrated dropper in a carton for accurate dose administration. 

Health benefits for infants

  • Aids in formation of hemoglobin; consequently prevents anemia
  • Helps to provide the supply of oxygen required for contraction of muscles, thus improves muscle function
  • Helps development of brain and its functions
  • Boosts mental and cognitive performance and improves concentration in children
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Beneficial in treating insomnia as it improves quality of sleep by regulating circadian rhythm.
  • Participates in energy metabolism in the body to distribute it to different body parts


Irovit drops is available in pharmacies and health food stores.