Omegavyte softdrops


Helps support healthy Brain, Immunity & Bones

Keeping your child Healthy.

  1. An ideal way to ensure that children get their daily intake of Omega -3
  2. Important for cognitive functions (brain memory & performance)
  3. Helps strengthen the immune system.
  4. Supports calm, healthy nerves & restful sleep.
  5. Supports healthy eye tissue & vision.


Omegavyte soft Drops

Omegavyte chewable soft drops is available in attractive fish shape.

 Benefits with Omegavyte soft Drop -

Boosting daily intake to help support healthy brain function, learning and behavior

  • High in DHA
  • Great news for parents who have children who don’t like eating fish
  • Highly bioavailable Omega 3’s
  • Fortified with Vitamin D3
  • Delicious taste with Raspberry Flavor, easy to chew soft drops.

 Improves brain function –

Omega-3 fatty acids, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), present in Omegavyte are essential nutrients throughout life, particularly during the growing years. They help feed the brain & keep it healthy.

Boosts immunity –

Sufficient levels of Vitamin D3 present in omegavyte, reduces the risk of infectious disease by strengthening the immune system. It is necessary for healthy immune function.

Strengthens bone:

Vitamin D present in Omegavyte promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains adequate calcium and phosphate concentration to enable normal mineralization of bone.


Omegavyte chewable soft drop is available in pharmacies and health food stores.